"A storm is brewing..."

Tempest Films is a small organization of filmmakers who produce independent short films alongside other web content. It was started in early 2018 by Aidan Chick, a content creator and filmmaker who currently runs most of the Tempest productions. Since its beginnings in 2018, Tempest Films has grown substantially, and now produces many different types of content that all tie into the Tempest Universe web series. 

Mathew has appeared in a good number of Tempest productions, and has helped tremendously to

make the vision a reality.

Actor and Producer

Mathew Cherfane

Jacob has made appearences in a few Tempest productions, most notably as his role as Ian in The Interloper.


Jacob Del Angel

Chris began working with the team during production of Lake Shore Drive, and then appeared as an actor in Lockwood Hills.


Chris Swezy

Henry's most notable appearance is his role as Leo Floyd in the Stargaze web series.


Henry Powell

Mark appeared in Lockwood Hills playing Lucas as well as the creature.


Mark Johnson

Parker made his first appearance in Rockstar, where he played Austin. He later returned for Deus Ex Machina.


Parker Kimberly

Santo first worked on the set of The Interloper and has since made his debut in Rockstar.


Santo Messina

Josh, along with Santo, first began working with Tempest Films on The Interloper but made an appearance as an actor in Rockstar. 


Josh Reid



"Don't aspire to be a filmmaker. Go out there and actually be one."

Aidan is the creator of Tempest Films as well as the Tempest Universe, and has directed over 7 short films and many more web series. His goal is to tell compelling stories and to provide free, high quality entertainment for viewers.

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